It has been hot here in Washington. I’m moving to Houston in May and so I’ve been watching the weather down there. And three days in a row it’s been hotter here, then in Houston. We hit a record on at least one of the days, for the hottest it’s ever been on that day since recorded history.

To make things more fun, aside from 90 degree heat in April, is our condo has not switched over to AC. Additionally, the AC was under major repair at work. I work on the third floor and all the windows are sealed, so it was reaching the mid-nineties inside (I guess black-tinted windows were a bad choice for heat reduction purposes). So all this week I have been coming home soaked through with sweat, to be in our condo where it was mid 80’s at night with all the windows open.

Additionally pollen counts were phenomenal. Not being able to get away from the heat was bad, but having to keep the windows open to keep the condo under 90 degrees was miserable. Is there a way I can buy claritin and psuedofed futures? If so, I’d be a millionaire. Ugh.

Luckily, yesterday a storm blew through and cooled things down.

On a total side note: Unfortunately, a man in our building had expired at some point during the last few weeks and police were everywhere yesterday trying to remove the body. I think this may be my biggest fear, and a lot of people probably agree, to die with no one noticing. Meaning you have no family left or close friends to keep an eye on you. So going through everyday life with no tangible connections to anyone else. It sounds so morbid and lonely.
Anyways, here’s a song to pep up your mood (that I just soured).

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (Ted & Francis Remix)

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