So I was looking at my logs of how people “discover” my blog and I had an odd relevation. It seemed a lot of people were coming to the site from yahoo image searches. Which is very odd, considering this is a MUSIC blog and there aren’t that many images on the site.

Well a while back I posted a track from Caribou called “Odessa”. I labeled the photo “caribou.jpg” and guess what the first result is if you image search “caribou” on yahoo? Totally bizzare how the internet works.. For all the things to be noticed for, this seems the weirdest.

Anyways, as I gear up to move to Houston in May, I’ve been debating whether to completely abandon “Downtrodden In DC” and go towards something else, or continue on as an expat to DC, therefore so downtrodden I left. Thoughts and suggestions?

In addition, on my commute back from work a few days ago, I saw a woman clipping her finger nails on the Metro. Letting the clipping just drop to the ground, we really do need to leave this city!

Chiddy Bang – Hey London (feat. Hot Chip – One Life Stand)

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