OK, I thought I was up to date on this stuff, I guess not. I’ve see links to Soundcloud before and never paid much attention to it. I normally use Hype Machine to find and search for music. Well, aside from all the morons who like Kid Cudi and Kanye West, Hype Machine does it’s job. They hype music, from otherwise unknown sources, mostly bloggers. However, like everything in this world, people need to pander to get the revenue needed to run the site (notice that there are ads on this site, it isn’t just free!).

Thus Hype Machine has turned into a shit factory of crappy remixes of the same five “artists”, with only a shimmer here and there of original music. I mean you have to delve through massive amounts of music before you find something worth actually listening or downloading. In addition, once an “artist” has been “hyped”, it seems they can do no wrong, and it starts a negative feedback loop of ever worse remixes and covers.

Anyways, I searched around on Soundcloud and found a few fun artists, that seem to be doing their thing, and doing it well. Check them out below. And as always, you can never go bad with some “The Hood Internet”.

Check out DJ Tanneron Soundcloud!

Check out B.A.R.T.O too!

The Hood Internet – Bring The Tabloid Sores (Public Enemy vs HEALTH)

The Hood Internet – Fire It Up, Firemouse (Lil Wayne x Modest Mouse)

The Hood Internet – Save Me Concubine (Ghostface Killah x Beirut)

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