Onesie’s, Soup-Nazi at the Movies and Boring Movies.

Today turned out to be an interesting day. My dad came in from Baltimore. Once, we got going at nearly 1pm (he said he’d be here at 11am), we had lunch and came back to open left-over Christmas presents, since my girlfriend hadn’t seen him for Christmas. As she was opening presents, she pulls out a book on “Charm City” and makes comment about Ace of Cakes. She continues to open the giftbag and there was a men’s tie. My dad had given her someone else’s gift. Lol. There were a few presents to open and the last present was a child’s onesie, as photograhed above. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to destroy our sex life. Nothing says I’m over you and you’re not getting any action, like wearing a onesie to bed.

We continued on to go see Avatar at the Uptown Cinema. It’s a great old building, with the a huge screen. They did not however have it in 3D. The movie was interesting, but all the action was before the movie. The setup at the Uptown is odd. You buy your tickets outside at the old-timey ticket booths. Then you stand outside before they let you in, to stand in a line to get concessions.

The three of us were standing in line when a guy with coffee and a sandwich shoved in his jacket came in (I guess to hide them, but was very noticeable). The ticket salesman was also the guy who checked your ticket when you came in. He began to yell at the guy and tell him he couldn’t bring food in. Thus he became the Soup-Nazi of the movie theatre. Making everyone stand in the rain outside until 10 minutes before the movie, to berate customers as they came in.

Anyways, the sandwich-smuggler agreed to stand by the door and eat his sandwich and drink his coffee before going in. He was a friend who got berated as well. His friend headed straight into the theatre as soon as the ticket guy wasn’t paying attention. His buddy however I guess needed to add condiments on his sandwich, so he took half the sandwich out of the cellophane, but the cellophane and remaining half sandwich on the ground. A little weird, but his next choice, was to put the half sandwich he had in his hand on the lip of the trashcan, and proceeded to add his condiments, with his bare sandwich on a movie theatre trashcan… Totally bizarre and disgusting.

This song is totally unrelated, but I can’t stop playing it.

Puscifer – The Mission (feat. Milla Jovovich)

Also the new Tiesto music video is pretty cool. The song is pretty clever with it’s hook.

Watch it here

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  1. Tenni says:

    I like “The Mission.” I only have a couple of his other songs (Rev 22:20 and The Undertaker. The rest of his stuff isn’t that great.

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