I can’t believe the summer is nearly over! Well at least, if you define the summer being over at Labor Day. I have a strong suspicion it’s going to continue to be hot for a few more months. So, I’ll just go with everyone else and say I’m sorry to see summer end. I mean, it’s not like summer is what it used to be. Where you didn’t have a single thing to do for 90 days and you can smoke pot, drink beer and stay up to all hours of the nights. I mean I haven’t had a summer like that for near a decade, so it’s just another season where I still have to wear dress clothes, but be even hotter in them..


We’ve been down in Texas, going on, three months, and I figured I should create a compilation of the photos I have taken that I found humorous. So here it goes, a brief history is in the time (so far) we’ve (Lesleh and I) spent in Texas;

Texas Welcome Sign.

After a very long drive down, (which you can read more about here) , we were ready to be out of the car and start our new lives in Texas.

But first we had to find jobs and one of the job fairs we attended was in Austin. Where I found that nearly anything can be made into the shape of Texas!

A McDonald's sink in the men's room, right outside Austin, TX.

Also, look what we had for breakfast! (I know it is backwards, the waffle iron was acting up!)

Taken in Austin, TX.

Chelada - When you have a thrist for that Bud Light, Heinz Ketchup and Pledge cleaner you can't find anywhere else! Or to make it easier to explain, it's like losing Kings (the cardgame) without actually having to play Kings!

Ironic Photos

Keep Texas Green Bags.. Where you can keep trash you're waiting to throw out your window on the highway!

Learn to Recycle, because you won't be able to do it, anywhere in Texas..

Random Photos
This is the part where I get bored with dicking around with HTML and WordPress. I also have these great ideas of posts, but once I start getting them together, they become so tedious. . So here are the rest of the photos;

Apparently this gets a lot of national attention. It's pretty interesting, but not worth a trip to Houston solely to see it... I mean if the frame and roof where constructed from beer cans, maybe. But, really it's just a bunch of flattened beers cans stapled to a house.. Don't believe the hype!

Another view, and I just thought of a lame name for it.. Ready?.. You are probably not, since it is super lame, but... Beer Car House-ton.. Get it? It is a play on words with Houston and House...

Who took this photo? It looks like two heavily make-upped white girls with the clothing you buy at the border in Tijuana. I mean this was in Houston, they could not find two real latinas? All you would need to do is call for lawn service, the laundromat or even look for a beat up Toyota with a cardboard license plate stating Lost/Stolen, reported on the highway..

You know where I will be on August 27th.. This place also has Cougar Night. Yes, that kind of cougar, the one that your mom probably turns into after Murder She Wroteis over..

I mean I studied in South Korea and spent ten days in Tokyo and ate sushi in some weird places. But a gas station, I think I'll hold out and gorge myself on some fresh Lousiana 'oil' shrimp instead.

To be fair, this Wendy's is right across from NASA. But even with that explanation, this still is sort of mind boggling..

OK, that’s all I have for now. I’ve seen lot’s of other things to take photo’s of, but have been unable because I don’t want to get beaten up or it’s just to hard to take a photo with an iPhone while driving (although I definitely try!)

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