Saw LCD Soundsystem and Sleigh Bells last night at the Houston Verizon Center Ampitheater. James Murphy was incredible, as well as the six others who helped with the set (one of them being a member from Hot Chip). Mr. LCD Soundsystem started to lose his voice the second song in, he told us so, and played ‘Losing my Edge’ to the crowd’s delight there after.

The set went on for nearly two hours, and although the light show was not nearly as incredible as Crystal Castle’s (at House of Blues Houston) back in September, it was still pretty awesome!

Sleigh Bells opened for LCD and it was just a half hour of poorly managed noise. Disappointing, because I really wanted to see them and have loved their album. Unfortunately, they have a lot to work towards..

Sleigh Bells – Crown on the Ground – Houston Verizon Ampitheater

LCD Soundsystem – Tribulations – Houston Verizon Ampitheater

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