After many months of trying to figure out how to fix WordPress to allow uploads greater than 8 megabytes, I’ve given up and decided to just link directly to my content folder. So, here are a lot of songs I’ve been meaning to get up here, but I have had issues with uploading:

Tupac – Do for Love (Vodka and Milk Remix)


Kelly Rowland – Commander

Also, I was supposed to go to Stars here in Houston last night. Never made it there, worked late and was beat. Anyone else make it there? I thought it was weird that at the last moment they switched venues from Warehouse Live to Fitzgeralds. I had to call the music editor at work, to confirm this, and at that point had already decided I was totally over going. I’d love to see videos or hear about the concert from anyone that went!

The Xx – Stars (LAZRtag Remix)

Gucci Mane – Break Yourself Feat Lil B (Diplo Remix)

Well, that’s about all I have the tolerance for. You’ve got some XX, Kelly Rowland, Diplo, Tupac and Gucci Mane to keep you going until I post again. I promise, I really do try to get on here and add content, just wordpress is the biggest mindfuck ever. To do the simplest tasks, takes 15 of the most complicated maneuvers repeated four times in four different spots, and then it sometimes works. Anyways, I think I have fixed what I needed to fix, so here’s to more content!

Don’t forget to support the artists!

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