Well, it’s been a long time.

A lot has changed in the last ten years or so since I’ve really done anything on here. We had just moved from Washington, DC to Houston, TX, and were beginning to set down roots. Our roots are now about eleven or twelve years old now. Through that time period my hobbies have changed, as have how I interact with them. Ten+ years ago streaming music online was still very much in it’s infancy. There weren’t really streaming companies you could pay for like you can now. And so, I’m going to pivot from my original emphasis/ interest of music and posting music on here. I still may post links, and they’ll most likely by on YouTube or hypem.com, but I’m not going to host music directly.

To be honest, it’ll probably be a lot more politics, news and finance. But, first I need to do a deep dive on here and cull old stuff. Run updates, and look at how the world works online now. It used to be all that mattered was SEO and backlinks. The world has moved on. It’s now all PPC and social media. So if you stumble here; thank you. However, it looks like bigger picture is trying to build audiences and content that people may (or may not) want to read. However, as noted, a lot has changed. I’ve ten years further into my career with a job that takes a ton of time, and I’ve got a ten month old baby, as well as all of the trapping of a suburban home – a yard, a pool, and all sorts of other projects (we bought an older home, which we love, but it seems to have constant projects that are required to maintain it.)

I look forward to seeing what I can add here. In the interim, feel free to see what I am listening to here:


And if you’d like to follow me on twitter, where I am much more active, follow me here, @downtroddenindc :

More to come.

In the interim, sit back and chill out with some Pizza Girl

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