Check out my link below to read my letter to the editor published on 1/20/10. I don’t live in an area with access to the Baltimore Sun, so I don’t know if it was physically published. I did however get a call from the Maryland Gazette to confirm my identity to publish the letter and have had feedback from the Washington Post. It’s interesting, how in the past I’ve gotten angry about things, but never bothered to sit down and write it all down. The one time I do, and it’s very easy to get your idea or opinion out there.

It’s encouraging to see that you can get your message out there and also to get feedback on it too!

Snow and ice are coming in tonight, however I’m flexing from home tomorrow, so more music will be uploaded. Enjoy below!

Tokyo Police Club – Nature of the Experiment (RAC Remix)

The original is better and you can listen to it here, but this is pretty interesting.

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