05-20-12 It’s Finally Done!

Yep, that’s right. I’ve finally updated all of GrantBeehler.net. Well almost, I still need to fix a few bits and pieces, but for the most part the DC Metro scheme has been implemented throughout the site. Additionally, I’ve updated the interface a bit too. So, now the website doesn’t look like it was made by a retarded eight year old in 1993. It looks like a retarded ten year old did it in 2006! Yay! Huge improvement.

I’ll be continuing to update GrantBeehler.net and DowntroddenInDC to improve issues. Currently, the whole site is ad free! I also need to work on the social media and share buttons, as I think they’re slowing down the load time. And lastly, I need to completely redo the Houston Jobs Directory page. It’s grown a lot since I first built it, and it’s now a massive undertaking, with hundreds of links that need to be updated and also sorted in a more convenient way.

Not sure, how to approach it. Anyways, enjoy the new site. I’m going to attempt to re-start posting on at least a weekly basis. We’ll see how long that lasts… It seems, I get some free time to contribute to the site, and then life jumps in the way with a million other priorities. Anyways, I’ll keep improving and working on the site. I’ll provide updates when I’ve completed anything of note. Take care.

-Grant (AKA DowntroddenInDC)

02-24-12 Go Texan Day

Go Texan Day 2012

Here’s my ‘getup’ for this year’s Go Texan Day 2012. Improved the outfit a bit with a bolo tie and some cowboy boots. Maybe next year, I’ll be able to get some woollies. Working on trying to get some of the photos a co-worker took of a group of us. There were five people, including myself, that dressed up and participated in the photo. The photo was a time lapse, so we jumped in the air as a group and it looks pretty good.

Just need to figure out how to make a looping-gif with the photos.

Go Texan Day!

And here it is:

Rodeo Jump Up!

02-23-12 Tomorrow is Go Texan Day

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Arguably, tomorrow is one of the fun-est days in Houston all year. It’s the one day, in the whole year, when it’s acceptable to dress up like a cowboy and go to work. No teasing. No taunting. It’s completely normal, one day a year, it’s Go Texan Day! (Now all they need is GO Star Wars Day, or Pajama Day.)

Here’s a picture of me in front of the Texas flag from last year’s Go Texan Day:

Grant - Go Texan Day 2011

Grant - Go Texan Day 2011

Go Texan Day sort of sneaked up on me this year, so I’ll be wearing the same thing again. Still no cowboy boats, can’t get behind spending several hundred dollars on uncomfortable boots I’ll year once a year.

Read more about Go Texan Day at the Houston Rodeo’s official page and leave comments and send photos of you and your co-workers dressed up for Go Texan Day!

02-14-12 Happy Valentine’s Day Liz Lemon!

I tease a coworker all the time for being Liz Lemon. You know, eating Lean Cuisine at home alone and choking and having to do a ‘chair heimlich’ so that her 30 cats don’t feast on her body. Light, playful stuff, you know?

It being Valentine’s day, and her having a sense of humor, she brought this in today:

There was another one that said ‘Lasagna for 1’, a Flight of the Conchord’s reference to Jerome being dumped and lonely. Brilliant! Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!