09-08-11 Lil Wayne Sunday – Pumped Up!


Lil Wayne – Kobe Bryant

I guess working in media and publishing has its perks. One of those perks is being handed Lil Wayne tickets for this Sunday at 6pm on a Friday afternoon. I never saw anything about Wheezy being in town. No advertisements, no banner ads online (which normally that kind of stuff is on Hype Machine). I saw nothing about it. So a very awesome treat! Even better, the tickets retail at something crazy like $213 for the pair. I love Wheezy but not $213 worth of love. I mean $213 is a lot of beer and strippers. Mostly beer for me. Strippers creep me out.

Lil Wayne was last in Houston back in April, and I had looked at getting tickets but they were $165 a piece and I just didn’t see dropping $300+ for a pair. So, I’m pretty psyched. I hear Wheezy is awesome live. Rick Ross and Far East Movement will be performing too. Also, it’s an outdoor event (@ Cynthia Woods Pavilion in the Woodlands) and Houston has rules about live music past 11pm. So, that means it won’t be the typical rap/ hip-hip show where tickets say doors open at 9pm and then 30 no name assholes ‘hype’ the crowd by rapping over ‘Black and Yellow’ for six hours before the headliner makes it out.

We’ll be out by 11pm and home by midnight. Really not bad at all. Plus we have seats. This will be the best concert ever just having seats. Pumped up.

P.S. I’ll be the white guy there. You know, the only white guy there.

09-09-11 President Obama’s Job Speech

I didn’t get to see President Obama’s Jobs Speech last night on TV, but rather I got to hear the President’s Jobs Speech on NPR. Mostly because the jobs speech came on at 6pm here in Houston, and I was sitting in traffic on my commute home.

I think President Obama did an incredible job of highlighting his ideas, showing that there should be support for his plan because others have supported the separate issues in the past. President Obama also was very inclusive and reconciliatory while also authoritative as far as what needs to happen to create jobs here in America. President Obama pointed out that there are 14 months left until the election, but the Congress can’t just sit there for fourteen months while the economy continues to falter with false starts and stops all while many Americans are unemployed.

I’m sure many out there will say ‘NO’ to everything President Obama has suggested to reinvigorate the economy and create jobs. However, I think everything that was suggested sounds reasonable. I also think taxes will need to go up in the long run. I don’t see any way around that. A good way to use those increased revenues is to reinvest back in this country. Trains, bridges, airports, teachers, colleges. All of the things that will increase American efficiency while investing in a smarter and innovative future labor force.

Additionally, just from an economic point of view (of which I got my undergraduate in, along with mathematics) this stimulus bill will be more effective than those in the past. Tax cuts do stimulate the economy and are a very quick way to do so. However, Tax cuts have a very low money multiplier. That means, the taxes given back don’t actually make it back into the economy. Normally they go into savings accounts or pay off debt. Great for the long run health of Americans, but it doesn’t get people spending again.

Whereas, direct investment in public works projects have an extremely high money multiplier. Meaning they create jobs immediately, and those jobs than create other jobs, because the original construction workers are buying tools, they’re eating out at night, they’re using up raw materials which then need to be mined or refined in factories, etc. Public works projects in their nature create jobs, it just takes a while for them to do so.

The tax cuts in the past have decreased the amount of personal debt Americans carry, whole increasing the amount of public debt we carry (i.e. the national debt). Instead public works projects will increase the available jobs out there. Creating tax revenues from those wages and all the added ancillary jobs created. In order to get out of these deficit and debt issues, we need more tax revenues. This is a great way to do that, without even touching the tax rate.

As you can tell I’m excited for President Obama and for his Jobs plan. Leave me comments on what you thought of President Obama’s Jobs Speech and please watch the video it’s entirety above!

09-06-11 Houston Bestfest Leak

OK, so I’ve seen a few keyword searches leading to my site about Houston Bestfest ticket promos. I’m not aware of any promo codes at this point. I will however leak some information I have of an upcoming promotion to get tickets for $25 a piece (for both days), but it will only be for one day. That day is tomorrow and it’s on this website and will only be valid from 12:01am to 11:59pm tomorrow (Sept 7, 2011).

This is probably your last chance to get Houston Bestfest tickets at a discount. Originally, Bestfest tickets were offered for $25 for both days, but I’m afraid that offer expired Aug 31, 2011. I’ll keep you all posted if I find out any promo codes and I’ll post them accordingly. Hope to see you all at the Houston Bestfest in just 17 days!

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8-30-11 Bestfest in 24 days

Houston Bestfest 2011

There are 24 days until Houston Bestfest! Today and tomorrow are the last two days to buy the general tickets for $25 (for both days) and VIP tickets for $95 (also for both days). On September 1st, tickets go up to $40 GA and $150 for VIP. Band line up below:

Deer Tick
Against Me!
Bun B
Hayes Carll
Slim Thug
Carolyn Wonderland
The Tontons

Hope to see you all there!

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8-23-11 East Coast Earthquake Updated

It appears as though the worst is over. I’ve heard back from family who live in Louisa, Va and from an Uncle who works at Dominion Power’s Lake Anna Nuke Power Plant. They say everything is OK. Doesn’t look like there is any threat of any nuclear spill or anything like that. There was a second rumble that came through around 4:15pm EST, but they confirmed they still have power, and water, etc.

You can watch the local news, Richmond’s WTVR for more updates. They’ve been covering fallen buildings and other events from the earthquake and appear to be doing a phenomenal job covering the earthquake and it’s after affects. It also, looks like school has been canceled for that area for tomorrow.

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