01-17-12 TIL Charlie Chaplin had speaking roles in movies

I didn’t even know that Charlie Chaplin could talk. I mean I assumed he could talk, but I’ve never seen anything other than his flapping his arms around wildly while Looney Tunes type music played in the background. Anyways, this video is pretty amazing.

A Message for All of Humanity

I’m sure it was put together by some Occupy Wall Street protestor, which is OK by me. I don’t agree with all of their points, but I agree with their right to protest and get out and get what they think they deserve. I wish the Occupy people were a bit more organized and didn’t make all liberal people look foolish (I’m one of those liberal people who feel foolish when I hear these people talk). Oh well.

01-16-12 Is Your College Sweatshirt Ironic?

Source: http://www.hodsontrust.org/hoodlogo2006.gif

Yesterday we were out running errands and we were going by Fry’s and so I wanted to swing by and look at external DVD/Blu-Ray drives. We ended up just buying a low-tech DVD drive for $30, and passed on dropping a few hundred on a Blu-Ray read/write drive. We figured it wasn’t anything we needed (we don’t own a single Blu-ray, how 2008 of us, right?). We also bought some game that looked like it was going to be redo on Sim City, but ended up being a giant time-suck bullshit timer/task game. The Amazon reviews even compared it to Sim City, and they were lying.

Anyways, on our way out of Fry’s we handed our receipt to that guy that checks to make sure we’re not criminals at all electronics stores. I’m not sure what his job actually is called, Thief Deterer? No idea. Anyways, this guy happened to be a young black guy, maybe 19-20 years old. I hand him the receipt and he’s smiling at me and says ‘Your sweatshirt is awesome’ and I look down at my sweatshirt to figure out he’s talking about.

I’m wearing my regular Hood College hoodie sweatshirt I’ve had for six or seven years. Nothing awesome about it all. Anyways, I begin to pick up on why this guy thinks it’s awesome. This guy is thinking my Hood sweatshirt is like ‘Da Hood’ College, like my college sweatshirt is ironic… It quickly gets awkward as I try to explain to him, it’s a real sweatshirt from a real college where I got my real college degree. He laughs unsure about if bullshitting him. I wasn’t.

We walk away.

Awesome, Lesleh and I paid a fortune to go to a small liberal arts college.

Where we had the ‘Hood Hello’ (a simple wave to EVERYONE you pass, even if you hate them) or the Pergola Party (where we had a campus-wide shaving creme battle). Where, when you needed help with registering classes or paying your tuition, the person behind the counter knew your first name and you knew THEIR first name. Where our class sizes were measured in the tens of people (I had advanced classes with only eight other people, my largest class had 33 people in it). Nothing more wholesome then paying a hundred thousand dollars for a solid education where I didn’t have any ‘fluff’ classes.

Instead, people think I went to ironic college. Believe me, if I graduated with a ironic degree I’d be a lot funnier..

Now, these guys, The Hood Internet, their name is probably ironic.

The Hood Internet- One Midnight With You (M83 vs. Mayer Hawthrone)

01-05-12 Rick Santorum – That Frothy Mixture

You all have Google’d “Rick Santorum’, right? If not, you’re in for a delight. I suggest you go to Google and type in either ‘Rick Santorum’ or ‘Santorum’. One of the results, normally within the top three results is a website created by Dan Savage, the now famous columnist from Seattle who re-branded Santorum into:

'The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the 
by-product of anal sex.'

Gross, right? It certainly is, but Santorum is a class-A asshole when it comes to hate speech against gays. Throw in that ethics investigation into his mortgage on his former Virginia home, that was never fully addressed and you can start to see why so many people would be willing to help Savage out in his successful take over of the name ‘Santorum’ on Google.

Savage had started this campaign several years back and it took off. It’s a wonder nobody in Santorum’s campaign had assessed this when he was considering running for president. Santorum had pleaded with Savage when he was running for re-election in 2006-7 to take the site down, but Santorum’s alter definition has a life of it’s own and will live on for quite sometime, if not forever, on the internet.

Just that Santorum – the frothy mixture moniker – ranks higher than Rick Santorum who not doubt has spent millions of dollars on advertising and getting the word out about his campaign, is an impressive feat. The enormous amounts of backlinks, this one included, to help reinforce Santorum as a frothy mixture versus the presidential candidate is huge.

Spread the word, link to this page and to other pages which reinforce the true Santorum (the forthy mixture that is)! Use the facebook, twitter or Google+ share buttons above to share and spread the word!

Also, read more about Google’s ranking of Santorum HERE.

12-09-11 Muscle Milk

Working in the media field we get a lot of products dropped off or sent in. Which means, I get to try a lot of stuff I would never ever buy. Most of the stuff that’s brought in is crap. Potions like 5 Hour Energy, Neuro Drink, Red Bull, etc. The 5 Hour Energy was by far the worst thing I have ever tasted in my life.

Not only does 5 Hour Energy taste horrible, but it also gives you explosive diarrhea and the weirdest headache. Neuro Drink actually was pretty good. I don’t know if it made me smarter or sexier or stronger (or any of the other monikers they have), but it tastes palatable. Red Bull same, it isn’t awful as long as you dilute it 1 to 1 with vodka.

But I digress, the real point of this posting is the Muscle Milk girls that came in today. The Muscle Milk gals had all sorts of flavors to try and so I grabbed a Muscle Milk Light – Cafe Latte flavored one. Tastes like a caffeinated version of Ensure. Not horrible really. The real fun part is the 20-35 grams of protein each of these have in them. And everyone knows what happens when you drink these protein drinks. You’re really just ‘borrowing’ the protein…

I work with a bunch of small petite ladies who were downing the Muscle Milk like crazy. I fear they’re going to be in for a surprise here when the 30 grams of protein they just consumed has decided it’s got other places to be. Good luck ladies!

11-26-11 – It’s that time of year…

Two days ago was Thanksgiving. I had woken up early and had heard a diesel engine running nearby outside. I figured it was someone who was warming up their car while they waited for the kids or wife, and left it at that. I went to go get ready for the day and forgot about the noise. About 30 minutes later I realize that same diesel engine is running.

So, I look outside and see an enormous amount of activity. Firetrucks (what was making the diesel engine noise), ambulances, police and yellow ‘Do Not Cross’ tape everywhere. All the activity was centered by our community pool, which jets out into the lake and makes a wash point in Clear Lake.

I immediately think they have found a dead body. I later confirmed this when I asked a neighbor what was going on and he confirmed they found a ‘floater’. To date, people have not released the man’s name or any information about his death.

My immediate thought was it’s a suicide. It’s that time of year, when people get stressed out about work, money, family, etc. It’s that time of year people feel helpless and feel like they can’t do anything to make it better. The days are getting shorter and your body is out of whack. We live near a bridge that crosses Clear Lake from Harris County to Galveston County, and it’s about 80 feet tall. That was my original though.

My second thought is, and this is more sinister, that there are two ketchs (two masted sailboats) anchored out on Clear Lake. Well, there had been two out there for nearly a year. On Thursday, there is only one now. The second ketch is no where to be found. Over the last year, I’ve watched the two men who own each respective boat interact. They seemed to know each other and anchored near one another for nearly a year. I find it strange that one of the boat disappears right as a man’s body is found.

Anyways, that was the beginning to my Thanksgiving. A very sad and somber way to realize what you are truly thankful for.