01-14-12 – The Glitch Mob

So in this post earlier this week, I said that The Glitch Mob was one of my top three live concerts in 2011. The Glitch Mob isn’t touring currently because they’re working on a new album. So, it’s unlikely I’ll get to see them in 2012, or hear much new stuff from them.

Luckily, however, The Glitch Mob doesn’t seem to sleep and they’ve produced massive amounts of music and remixes. Which in turn all those people out there that aren’t computer retards, like me, have gone and added bits and pieces to the re-remix the songs. A few songs listed below, not in any particular order, but if you press the play button on the music player (in the lower lefthand corner) all of the songs will play in sequence.

Bass Nectar – Heads Up (Glitch Mob Remix)
DJ Bahler – Naiad (Weeknd + The Glitch Mob)
TV On The Radio – Red Dress (The Glitch Mob Remix)
White Stripes – Seven Nation Army (The Glitch Mob Remix)
Krazy Baldhead – The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)
And of course, my favorite song by Boretta (One third of The Glitch Mob) because it drives Lesleh mad:
Haiku D’etat – Mike, Aaron & Eddie (Boretta Remix)

Also, one of the more amazing things I found when obsessing about The Glitch Mob last night is this video. The first three songs are Glitch Mob remixes. The very first song is TV On the Radio’s ‘Red Dress’ (which I have a link to above). Something about this song gets me hyped up.

The video is called ‘The Apple Tree’ and the first few minutes are the coolest, but over all a pretty amazing feat for anyone to put together. I watched the whole video on full screen and it’s incredible. Especially how the music syncs with all the seemingly random movie clips.

And just for good measure, here’s a nice mashup of TI and The Glitch Mob:
The Glitch Mob Vs. TI -Bring Em Glitches Out (The Jane Doze Mashup)

01-10-12 – Gotye – Someone I Used to Know (Ten Hands Acoustic Cover) (featuring ‘Hammy’)

This video was popping up all over the place last weekend. It’s a Gotye cover of the song ‘Somebody I Used to Know’ but done on an acoustic guitar with five people… I’ve dubbed it ‘Gotye – Someone I Used to Know (Ten Hands Acoustic Cover) Featuring Hammy’. The guy all the way to the far right, the one who looks like he has a day job as the Hamburglar’s assistant/sidekick (his friends call him ‘Hammy’), sort of creeps me out. What is ‘Hammy’ looking at over there? He never makes eye contact and only touches the guitar like once. Were they all sitting around and come up with this idea to put four people on one guitar but ‘Hammy’ was in the room and they didn’t want to hurt his feelings?

'OK Hammy, you can play one chord and eerily avoid 
all eye contact with the camera, Deal?' 
- Loop-sided Blonde who is quasi cute

- Hammy

Also, ‘Hammy’ really needs to get his arm hair under control. Good lord.

01-09-12 – Found this Gem on StumbleUpon

British people and blatant racist stereotypes. I love it. The only thing that could make this better is ‘black face’. (I’m kidding that would be terrible – racism isn’t funny.) These guys are actually pretty good too. At first, I read ‘Will Pipe for Food’ on the sign and I thought the video was going to be about some weird song about hobos giving blowjobs or something for food. You just never know with the internets. I was happily surprised, that’s not the twist the video took. Oh and the song is called ‘We Play The Pipe’ and the band is by ‘Disco Rapido’.

Also, keep an eye on the one guy’s mustache, it continually accumulates tape to keep it on. Goes from the slightest amount of masking tape to full on packing tape. LOL

01-08-12 – DowntroddenInDC’s Top Three Concerts in 2011

I saw Glitch Mob a few months back at Warehouse Live here in Houston. I have to say Glitch Mob was one of my top three concerts for 2011. If I had to rank the top three concerts I went to (in Houston) last year (and I went to a few), I think I’d put them in this order:

NUMBER ONE - 01*13*2011 GirlTalk at Verizon Center

Number One – Girl Talk at Verizon Center – This was by far the best concert in Houston in 2011. I missed a few concerts in 2011 (Die Antwoord at Fitzgeralds and Electric Six also at Fitzgeralds, for example) but I also went to quite a few, and Girl Talk bests all of those concerts I went too for 2011 (original blog here.) Truly an amazing live performance! Giant beach balls, crowdsurfing, toilet paper leaf-blower gun things, lasers and trip art. It had it all!

NUMBER TWO - 07*08*11 Glitch Mob at Warehouse Live

Number Two – Glitch Mob (w/ Come Truise) at Warehouse Live – I had originally planned on skipping out on this concert. It was a long day at work and I was worn out. But I stuck it through and got loaded up on beers at Lucky’s Pub right next to Warehouse Live and later met up with a buddy from work. Com Truise opened for the Glitch Mob, which was like the most perfect line-up/opener ever. Warehouse Live reverberated with base and synth for several hours. The light show wasn’t the most incredible I had ever seen or the stage dramatics, but Glitch Mob has one thing to fall back on that many other pop bands don’t have: GOOD MUSIC. This show was incredible, and I’d probably venture to put it in my top ten concerts of all time (to date).

NUMBER THREE - 10*28*11 - Ghostland Observatory at Warehouse Live

Number Three – Ghostland Observatory at Warehouse Live – I was super pumped for Ghostland Observatory. They are based out of Austin and venture through Houston pretty often. That being said, I’d never gotten to see them live. They normally do several shows in a row and those shows almost always sell out, even when they’re stopping in several times a year. Ghostland’s biggest draw is their amazing light and laser show. I’ll admit, I get impressed really easily with pretty lights (Pretty Lights, another concert I regret not being able to make it to in 2011..) The lights and lasers were awesome and I posted pictures from the concert back in October ’11(original blog here.) The shitty part about the concert were the other concert attendees. It being Halloween weekend, I get people get crazy and they feel they need to go all Kanye West when they go out, however there were so many douchy people and so many shitty experiences in such a short amount of time it put a damper on my ability to really enjoy the concert. Nonetheless, Ghostland still makes the top three for 2011.

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01-07-12 – Calm Morning

Got up early today. Nothing beats getting up early on the weekends. It makes the weekend last longer and I have this ability to sleep as little as five hours and still be active the other 19 hours of the day. So, I’ve got to maximize my weekends and take full advantage of the time off. Sleep steals from that!

This morning it’s eerily quiet outside. I mean I expect it to be quiet outside when I get up at 6am, but the water on the lake is extremely calm. Making it seem like it’s even more quiet outside some how. Also, there are a couple new sailboats outside our place. One it moored between the two ketches that have been there forever. Another is tied in at the dock, the dock which seems to fall apart a bit more each day.

I took a picture to show just how calm it is. The sky is crazy too. This weird fog that has been around all week and the very bright sun. It’s January and we’ve had to keep the AC going because it’s been getting into the 80’s. Totally beats several feet of snow!

Sailboats resting in calm water. The flag is calm, no movement in the air. Date palms rest gently. Nothing looks more calm than first thing in the morning.

Music below the fold:
The Hood Internet – All Of The Lights² (Ellie Goulding x Portland Cello Project x Kanye West)

The White Panda – Psynapse Like You

Radiohead – Little by little (Caribou remix)

Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (Sound Remedy Remix)