01-24-12 State of the Union is Tonight

Obama’s State of Union is in about fifteen minutes. It was busy day today, so I’m not going to get anything together for today… But there is this:

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/aqP09

Is anyone else in disbelief a majority of South Carolineans want Newt as their next president? That blows my mind. If I had to pick though between Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.. That actually reminds me of a joke;

If I was in a room with Hitler, Osama Bin Liden and 
Toby and only had two bullets...

01-23-12 Wasted Weekend

Sorry, skipped a posting yesterday. I got caught up this weekend in uploading all of our CD’s into iTunes. While I was doing this I realized how shitty our taste in music was ten years ago (I haven’t bought a CD in several years now, I purchase everything through iTunes…). I mean I found really terrible stuff, like Snow Patrol or Weird Al Jankovic.. I also found some really fun old CD’s like At The Drive In and all of my old Nirvana CD’s from the 90’s.

All of this was spurred by the Christmas ornaments which I put away on 12/26. However, none of that stuff every fits in the same place, seems we continue to accumulate more Christmas stuff. So, I had to completely re-organize our guest room closet, which doubles are our storage. While doing this, I found CD’s and old computer games.

Having started the CD project, I started playing around with trying to get Bootcamp to work on my Apple, so I could install Windows Me to play all of the old computer games I had found. I couldn’t get Windows Me to install on a OSX Lion machine (apparently you can only install Windows 7 using the new Bootcamp 4.0), so I settled for the 20 day trial with Parallels for OSX. Parallels is a pretty amazing program. I think I may even pay the $80 for the full release, so I can virtualize other OS’s.

After getting Parallels to work, I squandered the day playing Civilization 3 (circa 2002), Heroes of Might and Magic 4 (circa 2000), Port Royale 2 (circa 2001) and other games you probably can’t even find any more. Total time suck, but it goes to show just how durable stuff used to be. The new Civilization 5 is nothing compared even to Civilization 4 or Civilization 3. Not sure how that works, but normally games get better over time. Not so with Civilization.

Also, Port Royale 2 arguably is one of my favorite games ever. That game can suck up so much time and is completely scalable to it’s difficulty. As you progress it gets harder, but only as hard as you make it, if that makes sense.

Anyways, I hope to get myself organized tonight and get back to posting more music, funny photos and cool videos.

01-20-12 Blockbuster Express

Went to Blockbuster Express after work to rent a few movies. Ended up on ‘Source Code’ and ‘Just Go With It’. Started to get really into Source Code and the disc starts skipping. So I take the disc out clean it off and put it back in.

After hitting the skip forward/menu button a gazillion times and finally get to the play menu. Try jumping around all over, argue with Lesleh about where we were in the movie, we start watching again. Goes good for about five minutes and then it skips two chapters in the movie.

Ended up not really getting the whole movie, but Lesleh commented it was the fastest movie she’s ever seen…

Called the Blockbuster Express line and after a few minutes on hold, they said they’d flagged the DVD for when I return it tomorrow and will give me a few account credits for the hassle. Annoying that it happened, but Blockbuster handled it well and they did what few companies do now:

(1)They had a number you can call. (2) The number you call is open when you’d most likely have an issue. (3) Then they had an actual person you could talk to about the issue. (4) That person you call speaks English. (5) That person is able to fix your problem without a transfer.

Good for you Blockbuster!

09-08-11 – Texas Wildfires

9-8-11 Texas Wildfires Map

I made lots of worried phone calls last week to my family on the east coast due to the east coast earthquake and then Hurricane Irene. Although, worried at the time, everything turned out OK. Well, this week I guess media coverage has shifted south to the Texas wildfires and my good karma is being paid back with worried phone calls from friends and family up north.

Although not a concern since they are still pretty far away. However, this morning downtown Houston smelled like a pinewood fireplace. The air was thick with smoke and the air smelled like there was a BBQ convention in town or something. This got me a little worried and so I checked online to see where the nearby fires may be. Below is what I found. (Send me a comment if you know of others in the area and I will update with them.)

Currently the fires in the Houston Area are in:

Waller,Texas About 45 miles outside Houston

Magnolia, Texas Also, about 45 miles outside Houston

Atascocita, Texas About 25 miles outside of Houston (but 75% contained)

Fort Bend, Texas (Updated) About 35 miles outside of Houston, rumored to be by the fairgrounds

Needville, Texas (Updated) About 45 miles outside of Houston

Central Texas Wildfires Slideshow(via HoustonPress.com)

As I learn and find more information about the Houston area wildfires I’ll update my blog, but for now it doesn’t look there is is much to worry about. For reference this is where I live. Very far from any of the fires, although Atascocita would be the closest to me.

Central Texas Satellite View of Fires

Central Texas Satellite View of Fires

09-05-11 – Lazy Monday (Labor Day)

It’s a stumbleupon kind of day. Off from work, but nothing really to do. I mean I could do laundry, vacuum and clean the kitchen. But that’s probably not going to happen right this moment. I also need to pay some bills and balance the checkbook. Maybe later. I could go fishing, but I caught the bottom so many times yesterday that I’d have to get showered and dressed to go to the store to get more tackle (specifically leaders).

No, instead, I’m going to drink coffee and watch videos on stumbleupon. I’ve found a few interesting ones so far, that I have shared below:

Portal 2 – I want you Gone (Fan Video) I really like this video, her voice is strangely calming.

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock A neat premise and the song is pretty good.