2-16-11 – Not much to post today

Not much going on today. Just a quick post. Thought these might be a good idea for Mother’s Day coming up. So a quick way to get flowers on the cheap.

$30(Reg. $60) Flower Arrangement from Think Studio

$30(Reg. $60) Flower Arrangement from Think Studio

Also, if any of you are looking for a job in Houston, I’ve started a company directory. It contains companies that do business or are headquartered in Houston. It may also help people in Texas and nationally as well, but is mostly specific to Houston. Link below :

Houston Company Directory

2-14-11 – Happy Valentine’s Day

Houston Press Deal of the Day - $10 for Eyebrow and Lip Wax ($45 value)

Houston Press Deal of the Day - $10 for Eyebrow and Lip Wax ($45 value)

Quick post for all of you out there that need to get something special for your lady. Not sure if she’ll love that you’re thinking of her or be offended you think she’s too hairy. Either way, best of luck!

I’ll try to get back on later this evening with some music to help set the mood for many of you. I’m thinking some Ladytron…


Just one more day until the Houston Press’s Artopia 2011. I believe there are less than 100 tickets remaining (I heard as little as ten remain this morning). I’m not sure if they’ll be selling tickets at the door or if it’ll be truly ‘sold out’. If you haven’t already, get your tickets here and use discount code ‘artopiafriendsgb’ for $15 off per ticket. If they are going to sell them at the door, they’ll be full price at $50 a ticket and you’ll probably have to wait in a huge line. You’ve been warned!

Also, see below to relieve some frustration on the paintball court. Groups of four for $40 isn’t half bad at all!

Urban Warzone - $40 (Reg. $110) for 4 people unlimited private play!

I hope to get back into music postings this weekend, but for now, I’ll continue to update with whatever charming notions come to me. See you all tomorrow at Artopia!

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