01-05-12 DowntroddenInDC is on Facebook!

I hate Facebook, but many people seem to love the site. So, we’ve added a new site for users to interact with the content put up on here, but on Facebook! Yay, 2012 and I finally give in. I mean if you love giving away copious amounts of personal information and love to give up the copy-right on your photos to Mr. Zuckerberg, why not go a step further and send some likes my way?. So, if you’re on Facebook (which you no doubt are), show DowntroddenInDC some love and like us on Facebook! Link below!


2-3-11 Is Facebook calling me gay?

Thanks Facebook, for calling me gay...

Thanks Facebook, for calling me gay...

I’m not sure how they have these ads targeted, but I think they need to re-think their campaign… I’m not offended by it, but I can only imagine some people being none too thrilled to be called (or assumed to be) gay by Facebook.

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