3-13-11 – Japan before and after photos

If you scroll over each picture on the link below, it shows each area before the quake/tsunami and after. The amount of damage done is incredible. Entire cities were wiped out, so they are nearly bare earth again.

Japan Earthquake: before and after

It is going to take the Japanese many years to recover and I read there is nearly a 99% chance an earthquake up to 7.9 magnitude is expected in the same place within the next 30 years. That same article was also saying that another highly powerful earthquake is extremely likely within the next year. It had something to do, with how the earth shifts and the patterns it has when earthquakes occur. I’ll look for the article to link to.

3-11-11 – Massive Earthquake Hits Japan

I woke up this morning and saw the photos of the massive earthquake that hit Japan. Now that I have confirmed friends in Japan are OK and are unaffected (who knew how big Japan really was?), there are now tsunami alerts for the entire West Coast and Pacific Islands. My thoughts go out to all of those who have been affected and I hope the waves end up being benign.

You can read more from the link to Yahoo! News below:
Japan police say 200-300 found on northeast coast

The 1906 San Fran Earthquake was 7.9 magnatude. Japan’s was a 8.9, which on the richter scale was a release of 32 times the energy of San Fran’s earthquake… Think about that for a moment. A one point increase on the richter scale means 32 times more energy is released. A two point increase would be 1000 times more energy released. These are massive amounts of energy and the destruction could be unheard of when it’s all done and accounted for. Scary stuff.

To see areas that may be affected by the tsunami, NOAA has a website tracking areas that may be potentially hit:

NOAA’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Update #2

Read about the second Japanese Earthquake here: 3-11-11 – Second Quake Hits Japan