08-19-2012 PBS Remixes

PBS has begun an interesting project. Their PBS Digital Studios partnered with Melody Sheep have begun to produce throw-back videos where popular hosts from PBS years gone-by are auto-tuned and re-mixed, in a very similar manner to the Carl Sagan remix ‘A Glorious Dawn’ from a few years ago. Now, I have to say I loved the Carl Sagan remix, and I think it’s incredibly awesome PBS is trying to replicate that feel with these videos.

I also think it is amazing that PBS is reinventing itself from the sleepy public channel (with shows like Sesame Street) to a hipper cooler channel that remixes Mister Rogers, Bob Ross and Julia Childs (that’s just to date). The videos they have released so far are fun, catchy and entertaining. PBS Digital Studios is definitely a channel/stream I’m going to follow on YouTube to see what else they have planned for the future.

Of the three videos out so far, the Mister Rogers Remix is my personal favorite. Here it is in it’s entirety below:

Mister Rogers Remixed