02-02-11 – ICE STORM

Ice Storm in Houston?

So, everyone is freaking out. And if it’s going to be ice, they’re right to freak out. I don’t care where you’re from, driving on the ice is awful. The commute into work both ways is going to be long and arduous. I might as well sleep in my cubicle tonight, since they’re also having rolling blackouts because the grid is so overwhelmed (it was 20 degrees this morning and with single pane windows everywhere, it’s hard to keep the house warm).

It’d be nice to see snow again, but I’m definitely not thrilled about the ice. I hope everyone continues to freak out and get hyped up and NOT go into work tomorrow, so I don’t have any traffic to compete with!

Anyways, today’s deal sold out. It sounded like a cool idea. Drink wine and make art. Sorry guys!

Paint & Wine - Sold Out!

Paint & Wine - Sold Out!

Driving for Idiots

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