About Me

General Background
I was born in Frederick, MD and have spent most of my life in the Maryland/DC area, with an extended summer stay or two in Florida and Maine. I attended Hood College, where I received my B.A. in economics. During college, I spent a semester abroad in Seoul, ROK (South Korea).

Since graduation I lived in Washington, DC and then moved to the Houston, Texas area. I currently live in South Houston right on the coast of Galveston Bay.

Interests and hobbies
I have many varied interests and hobbies. Many of these tie into my dream of traveling the world and experiencing as many new and exciting things as possible. I've been to more than a dozen countries around the world (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Japan, and South Korea) and have been on four continents (North America, South America, Europe and Asia). If I had more time and money, I'd love to explore South America and Asia more extensively.

That leads into another interest I have, which is personal finance and investing. My significant other (Lesleh) and I scrimp and save, putting as much as we possibly can into a variety of investments. My particular investment outlook focuses on dividends, dollar cost averaging and growth at a reasonable price (GAARP). We will from time to time, jump into riskier less established small or micro cap companies, which to date has netted us one or two winners, and quite a few losers.

I also love the great outdoors. From hiking to backpacking to skydiving to sailing and to pretty much anything that involves water! A great aspiration of mine would be to own a sailboat, and if I'm young enough, I'd like to sail it around the world! I'm also an avid fishermen, fishing right in our backyard on Clear Lake. I'd love to one day have a patch of land, and turn it into a small farm complete with chickens, goats and a nut and fruit tree grove!

I'd also love to learn more about woodworking, and building all sorts of stuff out of wood. This is an interest, I don't quite have much experience in yet, but something I would like to incorporate into my life in the future.