Sorry, I’ve been away the past few days. Have been feeling especially downtrodden.

I’m back and feeling well rested, so I figured I’d post a two songs that are rather inspirational:


Mika – Grace Kelly

I think it’s more of the buildup in both songs that gets me so pumped. “Grace Kelly” by Mika is just incredible. As you may know Grace Kelly was an actress in the 40’s and 50’s and became a princess when she married the King of Monaco, I believe. She tragically died in a car accident in her 70’s (I guess not too tragically if she was in her 70’s, though). Not too bad of life, movie superstar, royalty and a relative long life, with a quick exit. Not to mention, nearly every person who met her seemed to love her and genuinely thought she was the nicest person they had ever met. Mika does an incredible job measuring up to Grace Kelly’s impact with this song.

“VCR” remixed by MaTthew Dear, has a similar buildup, but is more measured in how the beat drops and you have to give it a minute or so. If this song comes on your iTunes and you’re not paying any attention to it, you’ll be tapping your foot away totally subconsciously. The beat has that sort of feel. You may even bob your head before you realize what’s going. Maybe it’s also similarity to Mika’s falsetto in the last song, that just makes me draw the comparison to the two songs. Enjoy them both and I hope to have more for you all tomorrow.

EDIT: More Matthew Dear tracks HERE.

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