I’ve noticed I’ve gained a few extra visitors. I submitted my site to stumbleupon ages ago and saw a few people here and there, but not really more than a few people a week. Well, out of nowhere I’m getting 100+ visitors a day. No idea how that works, but it’s nice to see people checking out the site!

We’re moving this week, so I won’t have permanent internet and access to post again for a week or so. We’re headed to stay with my parents for three weeks, before the long haul down to H-Town (Houston). Been applying for jobs like crazy, however my girlfriend has passed her exams to become a teacher anywhere in Texas. So I feel a bit better about the move, knowing at least one of us will be able to eat…

Here’s a fun track from M.I.A. and don’t forget to leave feedback!

M.I.A. – Amazon (Diplo Mix)

The links below will lead you to Amazon.com

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