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It has been a crazy two weeks. We moved out of our place in Cleveland Park in the District, and moved in temporarily with my parents in northern Maryland (think nearly PA) while still commuting south to the city. It was brutal getting up pre-dawn to catch a 6:15 train in. I gave up on that after a few days and decided driving couldn’t be any worse, well it was!

The drive took consistently 90 minutes each way, everyday! Well now, that is over, we are in Houston. Jobless and living with my future in-laws (just about where every man wants to be!) I’m looking for contacts in Houston, San Antonio and Austin, so if you know of any drop me a line!

The drive down was pretty exciting. I’ve only ever really lived in Washington/Maryland, with the occasional long summer breaks in Florida or West Virginia with my grandparents. Although, I guess the only thing more foreign to me than Texas would be a summer study abroad in Seoul, ROK. Seems everyone in Houston hunts and wanted to impart hunting advise even if unsolicited to everyone they meet. I’ll to post some more of the oddities that is Houston and more broadly Texas.

For the trip, we rented a huge Penske truck and I have to say it went pretty well. I’m still collecting our receipts to tally what gas cost us, however I’d guesstimate it would be close to 12 miles to the gallon and close to $380 total. Which really wasn’t bad considering we had a 16 foot box truck hauling a Chevy Malibu (dual axle trailer). Gas ranged from $2.31 to $2.90 a gallon the way down, the most expensive in Maryland and the cheapest in Mississippi. However, the prices could fluctuate nearly a quarter just going an exit or two down the road.

It took us just under 26 hours, with a stop in Meridian, MS for the night (I slept with my clothes on, on top of the covers for fear of a bedbug infestation!) We packed sandwiches and drinks in a cooler and kept going. I have a sweet left arm tan to sport for the next week or so!

Aside from a near robbing in Greenville, TN, the whole trip was awesome!

Long story short, a very scuzzy guy came to our window (which were rolled down) after I had started to put cash away after paying for gas. He was insistent that we backup (which would have been impossible with the huge truck and trailer) so we could, and this is where the details he provided got fuzzy, see a guy who had just won the lottery had cash stripped to his body and pictures were being taken. Not sure why we would care about a guy who won the lottery, or who would have ever backed up into a less public area after hearing this story from this guy, but I told him I needed to pull around and then just drove right out of the place. It was totally bizarre.

Ironically, Greenville, TN is where Davy Crocket was born. I’m not sure if he would approve of this situation, but the theft of other’s property would certainly resonate with him, considering that whole Alamo/Mexico thing.

I also had to wrangle cats out from under our truck after stopping to get gas in Meridian, MS. Apparently, a car the night before from Arkansas had stopped for gas and two kittens had hitched a ride in the hood of their car. The kittens jumped out scared, hungry, hurt and lost. The one kitten’s tail was three-fourths missing and was extremly burned. The cats had been at the gas station since, with the gas attendants circled around them trying to figure out what to do. I did my part by buying milk and putting it in a bowl for them to eat. They didn’t drink any, but went straight for our truck, the hood more precisely. That’s when my cat wrangling skills came into play. I had to wash my hands thoroughly and am still not convinced I have not contracted feline HIV or leukemia or what ever it is feral cats carry.

I’m sure I looked totally insane, but I got them away from the car and we got back on the road.

I think those are the two most interesting points of the trip. Anyways, I’m sure you’re mostly here for music, so here’s a few tracks:

David Guetta featuring Fergie & LFMA – Gettin’ Over You feat Fergie & LMFAO (Thomas Gold remix)

Mochi Beats – Gifted Stop (Glee + N.A.S.A. + Kanye West + Sia + Santigold + Paula Deanda + Kylie Minogue)

P.S. Now that I’m unemployed I will be able to better browse the interwebs for music while I submit my resume everywhere!

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    glad you got there safe.

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