So I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy and of course have iTunes on shuffle and I’ve discovered quite a few gems I had forgotten about. So I’m going to make a small list of some of the tunes form summer’s past!

Louis XIV – Finding Out True Love Is Blind
Support the artist here (amazon link) Finding Out True Love Is Blind

The Sounds – Tony The Beat
Support the artist here (amazon link) Tony The Beat

Bloc Party – Helicopter
Support the artist here (amazon link)Helicopter (Album Version)

Well, that’s about all I feel like uploading for now! Also if you’re unemployed, I’ve started to put together a directory of ‘careers section’ landing pages! I’m based in Houston now, so my search is geared towards Houston, Austin and San Antonio. So most of the landing pages are in reference to those cities. However, it could be a good starting point if you’ve been recently laid off or don’t know where to even start! The link is below…

Job Landing Page Directory

Additionally, if you have suggestions or a link needs to be added/updated (I go through them about once a day) send an email to me. Please be sure to include a working link and the company name. Thank you!

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  1. Bedding says:

    I remember a few summers ago when the Louis XIV album came out, the finding true love song was playing everywhere! Good finds from a time past!

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