So we were just in Austin on Wednesday and Thursday for a career fair for my girlfriend. And it got me thinking about Austin’s live music scene. While we were there I looked into a show and saw that Mumford & Sons was playing. However, the tickets that were originally $12 at the box office were now selling for $70 a piece on craigslist. That upsets me. Obviously, the market will bare what it can bare.

However, if tickets are worth $70 and the band sells them for $12 maybe it was the band being cool trying to allow everyone to enjoy their music. Whereas, $58 was going to some scalpers pocket and not benefiting the band or the venue. I think that’s a bunch of bullshit and people who do this shit are assholes.

Anyways, the whole Austin thing got me thinking about South by Southwest, which is in March each year and we plan to attend next year. I started searching my drive for music from years past and it seems a lot of really good local music was brewing in 2007. So I decided to “re-introduce” some bands that may or not have become big by now but were surely unheard of in 2007.

Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks

The Isles – Eve Of The Battle

Errors – Mr. Milk

Thee More Shallows – Night At The Knight School

Mohair – Stranded

Puppetmastaz – Puppetmad


The Trucks – Shattered

Windom Earle – Kitten Vs Pegasus

Weird Texas: Your Travel Guide to Texas’s Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

Additionally we got to see a lot of things that are Texas shaped, that really, well shouldn’t be. Having lived in Maryland and DC most of my life I’ve seen the odd postcard or fridge magnet in the shape of the respective place it was from. However, I have never seen a Maryland shaped waffle:

And if that isn’t enough, in the very same day as eating a Texas shaped waffle we stopped at a McDonald’s (we were in the middle of nowhere starving) and it had Texas shaped sinks!

So, at this point I’m close to being able to say I really have seen it all…

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